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Business Planning is the general term we use to describe a broad range of legal services which we provide to the owners of closely held businesses. These legal services are provided over the entire life cycle of the business, from its inception through its growth and maturity, to its eventual sale, merger, transfer to a new generation of owners, or dissolution.

Some of the specific legal services we perform in this area include: determining the proper legal structure for the business, such as corporation, limited liability company or partnership; preparing organizational documents, such as articles of incorporation, by-laws, partnership agreements and operating agreements; ensuring compliance with formalities, such as the negotiation and drafting of contracts with customer suppliers and employees of the business; and assisting with the business owners' transition out of the business through the negotiation and drafting of sales agreements, merger agreements and dissolution documents.

In each case, we begin by learning the goals and objectives of the business owners. We then recommend the legal alternatives available for achieving the objectives and assist the business owners in deciding upon and implementing the best alternative.

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